Pixis Software:
A software development company striving to perfect business processes through custom applications, utilites and integrations.

What we do

Custom Software

At Pixis, we combine a collaborative style with knowledgeable and accessible account managers and developers to deliver the perfect solution tailormade to address your exact needs.

From large scale applications to specialized utilities and custom integrations, we've got you covered.

Desktop, Web, or Mobile

Our team has extensive experience developing web applications, mobile apps, as well as desktop client software.

This gives you the freedom to choose your user experience and type of deployment.

We can also provide integrations and specific utilities to help create a holistic solution tying together elements of disparate programs and databases.

Legacy Software Modernization

If you're dealing with an old system, one of our account managers will work with you to devise a plan for modernization.

This can range from optimizing databases, updating the frontend, adding some additional functionality to a complete overhaul and replacement.


Most companies find themselves with a mix of new and old applications that don't necessarily "talk" to each other.

Our custom integrations give you the freedom and flexibility to marry data from legacy systems, online applications, and even spreadsheets. This allows for further automation and optimized business processes.


We have partnered with several software providers to deliver specific utilities that complement their applications and optimize the business processes for their respective industry and users.

Solutions for
Technology Partners

Choose us because...

We work really hard to create lasting partnerships with our clients. Pixis is an ideal alternative to hiring a full-time employee for a one-off project or trying to hunt down the right freelancer or staffing agency; or if you're looking to fill a gap in expertise related to various technologies.

  • We'll be around to provide ongoing support as your needs change and evolve or you simply outgrow your current solutions.
  • We guarantee our code and will provide all the necessary documentation.
  • We're located in the tech hub of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and are easily accessible by phone and email.

Industries we serve

People are saying...

“Our account manager was very proactive and helpful throughout the whole process and in the end, there was no learning curve at all, just a click of a button.”

– Kristen,
One Eighty Construction


“Pixis Software developed our Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 Construction integrations with our core product. If anyone can figure out a solution, they can.”

- Kim Slizak, Principal Consultant at Next Gear Solutions


“I think my favorite thing is that our account manager is just so accessible. I mean, the follow up is always pretty immediate. If we have an issue it’s addressed quickly.”

- Susan, Founder and Director at Logan Labs


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