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What is an API?

By Pixis Team on Mar/20/2018

What is an API?

To Pixis Software, an API means using data to create experiences that make your life easier, streamline your processes, and expand your business.

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Topics: Data Management, Automated Process, Software Development

Construction Case Study: Software Integration for Better Project Tracking & Reporting

By Pixis Team on Mar/05/2018
  • Installed Building Products is an insulation installer and home energy performance monitor for new residential construction

  • Accounting Program Integration with Work Orders using Energy Star and REM/Rate

Installed Building Products (IBP) is the second largest insulation installer for new residential construction in the United States.

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Topics: Data Management, Custom Software Development, Reporting, Case Study, Software Integrations

What is an Integration?

By Pixis Team on Feb/09/2018

Integration. What does it really mean when it comes to the selection of software? Interestingly enough, we could not find a definition in the dictionary that related to software integration but, Wikipedia defines system integration as the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated role. That is an accurate definition in the manner in which we typically define it but, it is also very broad in the reality of how that integration actually happens. 

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Topics: Software Integrations

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Excel to Manage Payroll

By Pixis Team on Feb/06/2018

If you operate a growing business, you probably invest a great deal of time processing payroll. Payroll requires you to calculate, report, and submit payments for taxes and worker benefits. If you’re using Excel to process payroll, you’re spending far more time than is necessary.

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Topics: Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, Payroll

8 Mobile Apps Our Team Can't Live Without

By Pixis Team on Jan/30/2018

Being that we're developers, we know the power of an app to make our lives a little easier and more enjoyable. Check out our team's list of apps we’re using now, and see if it can introduce you to a new way to work (or play).

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Topics: Insider, Data Management

How to Find a Reliable Custom Software Development Company

By Pixis Team on Jan/15/2018

Do you have a software problem or frustration that’s hindering your business’ efficiency or success? Instead of trying to figure it out on your own, or hiring (and trying to retain) a new employee, it may be time for you to reach out to a software development company that can help.

It can seem like a daunting task, and you may ask yourself, how do I know who to choose? Or, what do I look for? We’ve put together a few tips on finding a reliable software development company to help you through this process.

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Topics: Automated Data, Data Management, Automated Process, Business Data, Software Development

Case Study: Custom Software Integrations with DASH for Next Gear Solutions

By Pixis Team on Jan/03/2018
  • Next Gear Solutions - Project Management Software for Contractors

  • Accounting Program Integration with Project Management Software

Next Gear Solutions provides web-based restoration management software for disaster recovery construction companies. It’s core software offering is DASH, a platform Next Gear Solutions’ clients use to track their projects.

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Topics: Case Study, Software Integrations

Top Software Trends for 2018

By Pixis Team on Dec/19/2017

We've developed a lot of software this year. As we close out 2017, we don't see an end in sight these custom developments. There is still massive growth in the software industry and tech analysts are spending even more time trying to fashion their predictions of the road ahead. So what are the next software trends?

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Topics: Software Development

Case Study: Construction Co. needs Sage 100 and ADP Payroll Software Integration

By Pixis Team on Dec/13/2017
  • Kasco Construction

  • 60 weekly software users

  • ADP Payroll integration with Sage 100 Contractor

Kasco Construction Services is a general contractor and construction management firm in Missouri specializing in healthcare and institutional work. Its services include: construction management, construction manager at risk, designing, building, estimating, fire stopping and general contracting.

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Topics: Case Study, Software Integrations

Excel Tips to Make You Look Like a Rockstar at Work

By Pixis Team on Nov/22/2017

So you use Microsoft Excel everyday for work. Does it sometimes take you much longer than it should to complete tasks? Do you ever feel like you are still only using the basics? Could your spreadsheets be smarter or better organized? Here are some Excel tips that can make your tables easier to update and manipulate without all of the manual data entry issues

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Topics: Spreadsheets