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Pixis Custom Software Development Blog


Construction Case Study: Software Integration for Better Project Tracking & Reporting

By Pixis Team on Mar/05/2018
  • Installed Building Products is an insulation installer and home energy performance monitor for new residential construction

  • Accounting Program Integration with Work Orders using Energy Star and REM/Rate

Installed Building Products (IBP) is the second largest insulation installer for new residential construction in the United States.

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Topics: Case Study, Data Management, Reporting, Custom Software Development, Software Integrations

Case Study: Custom Software Integrations with DASH for Next Gear Solutions

By Pixis Team on Jan/03/2018
  • Next Gear Solutions - Project Management Software for Contractors

  • Accounting Program Integration with Project Management Software

Next Gear Solutions provides web-based restoration management software for disaster recovery construction companies. It’s core software offering is DASH, a platform Next Gear Solutions’ clients use to track their projects.

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Topics: Software Integrations, Case Study

Case Study: Construction Co. needs Sage 100 and ADP Payroll Software Integration

By Pixis Team on Dec/13/2017
  • Kasco Construction

  • 60 weekly software users

  • ADP Payroll integration with Sage 100 Contractor

Kasco Construction Services is a general contractor and construction management firm in Missouri specializing in healthcare and institutional work. Its services include: construction management, construction manager at risk, designing, building, estimating, fire stopping and general contracting.

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Topics: Software Integrations, Case Study

Case Study: Custom Software Development for Logan Labs

By Pixis Team on Oct/17/2017
  • Logan Labs - Soil Testing Laboratory

  • 8 Software Users

  • Data Collection and Reporting

Logan Labs is a soil testing company in Ohio that specializes in “analytical and consulting services to all areas of the agricultural community.” When Logan Labs first came to Pixis Software, it was using a Microsoft Access program, and while it worked, it required all of their data entry into tables. This was way too cumbersome and tedious. 

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Topics: Case Study, Custom Software Development, Data Management, Data Analysis, Reporting