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Pixis Custom Software Development Blog


3 Signs You Need to Improve Processes with Custom Software Development

By Pixis Team on Jun/18/2018

In today’s technology landscape, companies are leveraging software to improve critical business processes and workflows to set them apart and give them a competitive advantage. We find that employees are tasked with “figuring” out how to get their job done, setting up critical business processes for their company through Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access Programs, old programs on legacy systems or another system to help them achieve their goals. 

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Topics: Custom Software Development

Construction Case Study: Software Integration for Better Project Tracking & Reporting

By Pixis Team on Mar/05/2018
  • Installed Building Products is an insulation installer and home energy performance monitor for new residential construction

  • Accounting Program Integration with Work Orders using Energy Star and REM/Rate

Installed Building Products (IBP) is the second largest insulation installer for new residential construction in the United States.

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Topics: Data Management, Custom Software Development, Reporting, Case Study, Software Integrations

Best Accounting & Payroll Programs for Your Business

By Pixis Team on Nov/22/2017

When it comes to running a business, software that can keep your accounting and payroll organized is a must have. These programs can aid in decreasing human error, automate processes to increase productivity and turn focus to other priorities, while creating one place for all accounting and payroll documents to live. We’ve put together a list of some of the best accounting programs and top payroll programs based on company size, to better inform you of the options you have. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, it may be time to speak to a software development company to see if a custom program is right for you.

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Topics: Data Tracking, Data Management, Automated Process, Business Data, Software Development, Custom Software Development, Reporting

Case Study: Custom Software Development for Logan Labs

By Pixis Team on Oct/17/2017
  • Logan Labs - Soil Testing Laboratory

  • 8 Software Users

  • Data Collection and Reporting

Logan Labs is a soil testing company in Ohio that specializes in “analytical and consulting services to all areas of the agricultural community.” When Logan Labs first came to Pixis Software, it was using a Microsoft Access program, and while it worked, it required all of their data entry into tables. This was way too cumbersome and tedious. 

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Topics: Data Management, Custom Software Development, Reporting, Data Analysis, Case Study