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We Know Custom Development

All of our software solutions are completely custom developed to your business' specific needs.

That being said, pricing for these custom software solutions differs depending on the features and complexities you wish to add. Although every project is different, we've outlined me sample custom software development costs for certain projects.

For more specific pricing information, contact our Pixis Development Team.

Essential Projects

Starting at $2,500*

  • Add minimal functionality or a new feature to your existing software
  • Typically for desktop applications
  • EX: importing and exporting

Advanced Projects

Starting at $10,000*

  • Custom web application development
  • Custom mobile application development
  • Includes simple reports and business logic
  • Can serve as phases of Enterprise Projects

Enterprise Projects

Starting at $50,000*

  • Corporate-wide applications with data-drive web applications
  • Includes many options for reporting features and complex business logic

Features and Options that Affect Pricing

  • Integration or add-on to an existing application VS a completely new concept
  • Number of pages or screens
  • Number and complexity of reports
  • Complexity of business logic (programming that simplifies the way you input and manage your business’s data and communicates that data with your application)
  • Data migration (data transfer and conversion between storage systems, specific formats or computer systems)
  • Complexity of data management, input, tracking, sorting and filtering

Included In Every Project:

Square1 Analysis

Before we start building, your Pixis Development Team thoroughly assesses your current software’s performance and functionality alongside your technology needs for better business growth.

Our Square1 Analysis gauges whether your software issues can be fixed with a simple integration, a system upgrade, or totally new custom developed software. In the Square1 Analysis, Pixis gets to the root of your software needs, your business needs and your budget to determine if there is a Pixis solution that is right for you. read more

Tech Check Maintenance Package

Here at Pixis, we believe your programing and updates should be proactive, not reactive. We provide quarterly Tech Checks for your Pixis software builds and integrations to keep your programs running smoothly.

These tweaks and updates add and adjust functionalities based on your business's changing needs and out-of-your-control software compatibilities. This maintenance package ensures your Pixis software stays current with upgrades, updates to functionality, and compatibilities. read more

Tech Check Maintenance Package

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