Here's a Road Map

Square1 Analysis

Let’s Identify Your Software Needs

Our Square1 Analysis is the tool we use to thoroughly assess your current software’s performance and functionality alongside your technology needs for better business growth.

During this process our Pixis Software Development Team acts as your company’s tech consultant to gauge whether your software issues can be fixed with a simple integration, a system upgrade, or totally new custom developed software.

Once your needs and options have been defined, Pixis becomes your dedicated development team with no overhead to your business. We have Development Teams specifically for on-demand programming and for ongoing business relationships with designated US-based account managers.

The best part about our Pixis Development Team is that we bring the whole team. From project developers to custom coders, we’ve got you covered. So, you don’t have to worry about the hiring and firing and overhead of your own tech department.


FlexBuild Process

In Our Design Process, We Collaborate With You

FlexBuild is our flexible custom software development and integration building process that we crafted and tested over time so we can meet your personalized needs. We want to help you improve efficiencies and decision-making processes through automation and integration.

The first step of our FlexBuild Process is Wishlist Mapping. We know you may not be a tech wizard, but you definitely know your software isn’t getting the job done smart enough. Our Wishlist Mapping helps gather your wants, needs, "nice to haves" and must haves and turns them into a Pixis technology solution.

We can start with a simple concept or a complex set of needs and develop it into a high powered application.

Part of our Pixis promise is to never overbuild (and thus never overcharge) during our FlexBuild Process.


Progressive Projects

Development in Stages Adjusts to Your Goals and Budget

For many of our clients, our Software Development Team suggests our proven growth-driven design and planning process. At Pixis, our custom software development projects are built to increase your business’s efficiencies. For larger projects, we’ve developed a multi-phase rollout.

Breaking installation and training into phases helps Pixis developers extensively test each piece of your new customized software and gives your staff a chance to learn each piece without being inundated with change.

This also gives our Development Team the opportunity to work with your software users to fine tune the application. We work with the users to achieve the best user experience and fully customize the application to your business. For example:

  • Phase 1: FlexBuild Process of Must Haves
  • Phase 2: Installation, Training, Feedback
  • Phase 3: FlexBuild Process of "Nice to Haves" / Changes

Breaking a larger project into these smaller phases has benefitted our clients regarding project timeline, project budgeting and funding and prioritizing different software needs.


TechCheck Maintenance

Our Ongoing Support and Maintenance Package

This maintenance package ensures your Pixis software stays current with upgrades, updates to functionality, and compatibilities.

Here at Pixis, we believe your programing and updates should be proactive, not reactive. We provide quarterly TechChecks for your Pixis software builds and integrations to keep your programs running smoothly.

Our Development Team supports all of our custom applications and keep them updated to meet technology standards and client needs. These tweaks and updates add and adjust functionalities based on your business's changing needs and out-of-your-control software compatibilities.

During these TechChecks, it is not uncommon for you and your development partner to identify new software capability needs that are only now possible with your updated system. With automated workflows and customized reports, our clients save time and minimize data errors and are able to complete more complex data processing.


Let's Customize Your Software!

Contact our team to learn more about our custom software build process