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Your Software Can Work Smarter With Our Add-Ons

Although each project we customize is unique, some clients experience the same pains with their software systems. We've taken our solutions to these more common pains and packaged them for your convenience. Our existing, proven programs and integrations will work with your existing software as custom solution for you to add-on.


ADP Workforce Now
Sage 100 Contractor

Export your ADP Workforce Now payroll and time tracking infromation and our application will integrate it with your Sage 100 Daily Payroll account.



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Paylocity Payroll
Sage 100 Contractor

Export your calculated deductions from Paylocity and our application will update the actual amounts in Sage based on that information. 



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Pixis Sync

Transfter data and schedule tasks manually or on an automated schedule from Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction to another application of your choice. This solution is already built with options to customize 20% of the features to meet the way you do business.

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Data Double Entry Stops Here

Annoyed that you are wasting time entering the same data in mulitple places?

Our add-on solutions help simplify your workflows by automating many of your daily processes. Our programs make your software work smarter to reduce steps in your workflows and save you time on repetitive tasks.


ADP / Sage 100 Contractor

Paylocity / Sage 100 Contractor

Any Application / Sage 100 and 300

ADP Import and Sage 100 Contractor Software Developer
Paylocity Payroll and Sage 100 Contractor Software Developer
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  • Sage Software Integrations
  • Sage Software Integrations